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How to stop the signatures on my jersey from fading 
How to create a pleasing design to display my team colours and logos 
How to build out a deep shadowbox frame just like a professional framer 
How to add spacers to set my jersey back in the frame 
How to seal the frame to keep out nasties and protect my valuable investment
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Here's some of what's inside the training 
4:51   What design should you choose that brings out the best in your team's jersey. Should you include photographs, team statistics or an engraved plaque.  
8:12  What is the right mat board to use? How do you make the jersey look full and professionally mounted,
22:59  How to show a logo or position the jersey to show off the colors and brand identity required to display the design effectively.
32:21  Securing the jersey in position. Does it matter whether you choose rustless stainless steel pins, plastic tagging pegs or regular needle and cotton thread to position your jersey?
1:01:12  How to protect the signatures from fading. Does exposure to normal light inside the home affect the way a jersey fades? What is the best glazing to use to prevent fading?
1:08:07  Constructing spacers to build out a deep shadow box and set the jersey back adding protection and enhancement.
1:43:40  Top mistakes picture framers make when sealing and taping a jersey frame and how to avoid them.
1:51:11  The most secure methods to consider when choosing the type of hanging system to use.
What hangers do I need to ensure my work of pride doesn't come crashing down?
These tips and more will guide you step by step through the process of framing sports shirts and jerseys in shadowbox type frames.

Even if you've never made a picture frame before you will succeed because I'm including my basic picture framing course as a bonus to guarantee you'll also have all the basic skills before you tackle the challenges of framing a sports jersey. 
You get my home picture framing intensive course as a bonus
This is my foundation class that normally sells on 4 DVDs for $97 but today it is yours with my compliments when you buy "How to Frame Jerseys"
Hi, my name is David Schummy and I was a framing newbie once also.

As a boy I was always building things with wood, mostly things like model cars, boats and planes. You name it I had a go at making it. 

Once I made a picture frame for my Mum for Mother’s Day. My Dad helped me build the frame using some timber he had lying around the garage. 

Little did I know that my early efforts would lead me to becoming a professional picture framer who would build a frame every hour of every working day and eventually lead to becoming a teacher of picture frame classes and an author of framing courses.

My passion began when I had taken a gap year from studying Geology in the UK. I was walking along one of the streets near my home and I saw a picture framing job advertised in the window of a local frame shop. After I spoke to the owner and was seriously tested on my mathematics skills he offered me a job as a trainee. 
I wanted to succeed and was having so much fun that I went looking for more information on how to frame pictures. In those days it meant looking in the Library and local bookstores as it was long before the arrival of the Internet.

It was nearly impossible to find anything that would help me become a better picture framer.

Anyway, fast forward six years and I had migrated to Australia and had a job as a custom framer in a busy picture framing business.

By this time I had become highly skilled having been taught by several expert framers over the years. I undertook trade skills testing and became a Qualified Picture Framer. 

After opening my own business in 1991 the local technical college approached me to teach adult education classes in picture framing. There was no course outline, no learning resources and I had to create a six week course from start to finish. My teaching career had begun.

In 1995 the Australian Government contracted me to write 16 of the 22 modules they needed developed to train picture framers during their apprenticeships. I then piloted the first off the job college training course for framers in Australia. Over the years I refined my skills and at the same time developed better and better courses for people to learn picture framing.

Now I regularly train picture framers across the globe via live training seminars and webinars and solve other framers problems through discussion during framer's club broadcasts.

Read below the personal experience of one of my students.
So if you want to frame a jersey here is your opportunity...
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Frequently Asked Questions
Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions
Q. What is the Framer's Club?

The framer's club is a membership where picture framers can go to access archived training material.
There are also regular live training broadcasts. 

This training about framing jerseys is a recording of one of the live sessions. 

Q. Is there a guarantee?

Yep...absolutely...all my training comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

Q. How long will it take to get access to this training?


Q. Can I get copies of the training on DVD?

Absolutely. You can get it all on 5 DVDs all you need to do is pay the shipping. Details on the order page.

Q. Why $7

If you're thinking "$7 is cheap...what's the catch?"

Then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease.

1. $7 puts this training within reach of everyone...from sports fans, hobby framers, even professional framers (and at $7 you shouldn't have to get approval or fill out any paperwork)

2. It sifts out the freebie-seekers. We only want people who are serious about framing and in my experience charging anything, even a $1, gets rid of tire-kickers.

3. I know once you have tried picture framing and have experienced the joy of following my training you will most likely want to try to make more challenging projects and you will try some of my other training materials.